Doodle Quest

Bullet Hell Roguelike with Randomly Generated Weapons and Player Created Characters!

Enter a doodled world of moving trees, zombies, mermaids, skeletons, reapers, slimes, and guns, guns, and more guns!!!

Draw your own characters and weapon and battle through a world filled with dopplegangers of your own creation as well as other enemies and bosses unique to each area. 

Venture through forests, graveyards, oceans, and more on your quest to find the most overpowered guns and establish absolute dominance over your enemies.

Featuring -
  • Player Created Characters and Weapons
  • Randomly Generated Weapon Stats
  • Roguelike Gameplay
  • Dozens of areas and bosses to explore
  • Gameplay Modifiers to increase difficulty for experienced players
  • 4 Player Couch Co-op Multiplayer

(Note: controllers are REQUIRED to play, there is no keyboard/mouse gameplay)

You can download the Demo version for free or play it above but it will limit you to a single world per play-through, Forest, Graveyard, and Ocean worlds, 2 player multiplayer, and doesn't contain modifiers, or achievements. Please purchase the full game to receive all features and future updates.

*All downloads are windows versions ONLY!!! If you're on Linux or mac comment below! If I get enough requests for Linux or mac versions I can add them to the page


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Version 18

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Doodle Quest DEMO 178 MB

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