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me and dev.gome.wzrd are the same person! Just on a different computer! :D


This was really cool, the menus are pretty slick, and I love the way the doodles float and spin around on the "Manage Brawlers" screen. Getting to choose a color was also a nice touch :3


Game wouldn't load; it had the wobbly "doodle brawl" logo at the top and then "loading: 100%" for minutes on end. (Firefox)

Hmmm... I haven't tested with firefox. Try running it with chrome or another browser. Or try the downloadable version.

Try and make it so you can also play with the arrow keys on a keyboard for one player, as well as the w, a, s, d keys for another.

Just added 2-player keyboard support today! Unfortunately, it looks like most keyboards have a limit on how many simultaneous keys can be pressed so it might not work correctly on all keyboards.

OK I'll try it and tell you if it works.

Yup it works, but when both players die at the same time, the game, well, does not work.

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Okay, just fixed that. Thanks for pointing that out!

and the 1st player doesn't really have any aiming controls....

No, but I figured it would be extremely difficult to control if you had to try to aim as well. The multiplayer is designed to work with controllers, I just added the 2 player keyboard support as a last resort.